Kindergarten at Seven Oaks Academy

At Seven Oaks Academy we start Kindergarten at age 2 teaching basic math and phonetic sounds using the accredited A Beka Program and High Reach Programs. Our language development program enables two year old’s to increase their vocabulary and introduce them to the world around them. We help them with pre-writing skills by teaching them eye hand coordination skills with the use of crayons, pencils and scissors as well as self help skills.

Our Kindergarten program progresses to age three with phonics, phonetic blends, math, language and science development programs. Children at all ages are introduced to other cultures, expression through puppets, music, foreign language and expressive movement.

At age 3 1/2 we introduce our students to the A Beka K-4’s Program. Most children completing this program are reading and doing math at a Kindergarten Level.

A Beka K-4’s Kindergarten Program – 4 Years Old

kindergarten 4 year olds soa
Kindergarten four year old level learn vowels, blends as well as counting to 100. They also learn how to do simple math, counting money, reading skills, telling time, sequencing, matching, problem solving skills, social skills and rhyming.  The K4 kindergarten program includes Language Arts, Phonics and Reading, Creative Writing, Language, Numbers, Bible, Music, Arts and Crafts.

A Beka K-5’s Kindergarten Program – 5 Years Old

K5 Kindergarten Manassas VA
The K5 kindergarten program includes Language Arts, Phonics and Reading, Cursive Writing, Language, Poetry, Numbers, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Music, Arts and Crafts. Kindergarten five year old level are on an advanced level equivalent to public 1st grade. They learn to increase their reading speed, number solving skills, patterns and much more.

Kindergarten Program Information

Seven Oaks Academy Reading Program Goals and Objectives include: Decode the written language easily, read with interest and comprehension, read the Bible with understanding, appreciate and enjoy good literature, spell correctly, develop good character traits, acquire a large speaking and listening vocabulary, recall facts easily, write grammatically correct stories and poems, read for knowledge and pleasure.

Kindergarten Program Highlights

  • Develops reading­ comprehension and thinking skills.
  • Teaches students to become independent readers.
  • Begins all students on the road to successful reading through intensive phonics instruction.
  • Supplies an abundance of reading material.
  • Incorporates Bible reading and patriotic character-building stories.
  • Contains many of delightful classics from the storehouse of children’s literature.
  • Involves parents in the reading success of their children.
  • Provides Teacher Editions and Curriculum Guides that suggest methods of integrating the language arts program.

A Beka Book Phonics

  1. Learn to recognize the short vowels and their sounds.
  2. Learn to recognize the consonants and their sounds.
  3. Learn to blend.
  4. Learn to sound one vowel words.
  5. Learn the sounds of the long vowels. Learn to sound two-vowel words.
  6. Learn the special phonics sounds.

Download: Phonics Six East Steps to Reading (click on image).

phonics six easy steps to reading

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