Are you searching for a Day Care in Manassas Virginia for your 16 month – 2 year old toddler?

manassas virginia day careSeven Oaks has been in the child care field for over 30 years. We have learned that each child, parent, and staff member is very unique. We have had the wonderful opportunity of working with children from all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, cultures and creeds and have delighted in all of them.

Young Toddler Day Care Ages: 16 months – 2 years old

A program designed just for them… Discovering what’s new Two little hands Touching everything in view!

At Seven Oaks Academy we work with your toddler to help them acquire mobility and speech. Your toddler will experience their world in a whole new way, making language and related milestones in our young toddler program. Language is only one aspect of our diverse curriculum that promises to stimulate and nurture very young minds and bodies. Children ages 16 months to two years develop faster than almost any other age group so staying informed on a daily basis is one way we share your child’s experience with you. We provide you with detailed information in our Daily Report includes snacks, activities, circle time, lunch, academic lesson and sleep times.

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Early Learning Program

Seven Oaks Academy is an early learning program. It is designed to increase vocabulary, sorting skills, building skills, cognitive skills, social skills, beginner math skills, geometry and spacial skills, creative and open ended art skills, eye-hand coordination, problem solving skills, units and measurements, exploration and scientific thinking, music & movement, gross and fine motor skills and foreign languages.

Seven Oaks uses the High Reach Program for toddlers in Mornings and Afternoons. Our main focus for Toddlers are self help skills throughout their day and Language Development. This group of children is given many experiences to learn new words, count, become familiar with their environment through hands on art, science, music, etc. Toddlers daily routine consist with meeting the intimacy needs and developmental milestones of each child.

More Information: Parent Handbook (.pdf)

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